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  • Tinta Floor Squeegee – Choose your colour
    R411.00 Price includes VAT
    Complete floor squeegee (Includes handle and squeegee) Tinta squeegee heads are suitable for use in hygiene sensitive areas...
  • Handle Grips – Choose your colour
    R9.00 Price includes VAT
    Available in Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, White Handle Grip 22mm - Colour coded handle grips. Used with aluminium...
  • Aluminium Handle
    R41.00 Price includes VAT
    Size: 22mm x 1.3m and 25mm x 1.5m Handles can be used in hygiene sensitive areas. Used with the various attachments for...
  • Microfibre Sleeve – 40cm
    R131.00 Price includes VAT
    Microfibre Sleeve - 40cm Free of metal eyelids – no rust Comes with colour coded tags and can be used in colour coding areas.
  • Microfibre Tool – 40cm
    R169.00 Price includes VAT
    Size: 40cm x 12cm A plastic tool that has a foot lock/unlock mechanism. A plastic tool that has a foot lock and unlock mechanism.
  • Dustmop Sleeve Cotton – 60cm
    R107.00 Price includes VAT
    60cm Dustmop Sweeper Sleeve made from cotton works with the Dustmop sweeper frame. Used to sweep large areas.
  • Dustmop Sweeper Frame
    R89.00 Price includes VAT
    Dustmop Sweeper Frame - 60cm. Handle not included. Sleeve not included. For sweeping up dust. Used with dustmop sleave code...
  • Antistatic Cloth Holder – 60cm
    R539.00 Price includes VAT
    60cm Antistatic Cloth Holder - Handle not included. Also known as mazzlin tool. Used with dust absorption cloths.
  • Manual Push Sweeper
    R8,559.00 Price includes VAT
    Manual Push Sweeper Material: Iron, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Capacity: 40L Dimensions: 130cm x 79cm x 103.5cm Working...